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Wabi Recycled Linen Throw


The word Wabi originates from Japan and translates to "wisdom in natural simplicity". Wabi is also widely used to describe something with "flawed beauty". Thus perfectly encompassing the essence of our newly developed 100% recycled linen collection. 

Imperfect yet simply beautiful.

Each piece is hand-spun using the leftover linen yarns often discarded after a production run. Creating a raw and recycled nature to each piece, only adding to its innate beauty. The recycled linen weave of Wabi is chunky, irregular, highly textured & exceedingly deluxe. Wabi in ivory has irregular pops of natural yarn weaved into the face and can be beautifully matched with the Wabi cushion.

Please note: The Wabi throws are a product of recycled linen so there will be some natural imperfections and shedding.

Dimensions: 170x130cm

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