Beija Flor

Vinyl Tile Flooring


High-quality, multiple-layered PVC sheeting with sand embossed for fine-quality printing.

Iconic Vinyl Mats.

Small                    60cm x 80cm

Medium                60cm x 97cm

Large                   70cm x 120cm

X Large               120cm x 190cm

X Small runner   50cm x 120cm

Small Runner.  80cm x 140cm 

Med  Runner       60cm x 180cm    

Large Runner       80cm x 200cm




Wash with Soap & Water on Both sides and leave to dry.

Do not use acid, bleach or chlorine

General Care

Do not fold the mat.

Store flat or rolled.

Do not drag heavy furniture on it.

Do not place the mat on a wet surface.

The mat is not anti-slip and not designed for outdoor use.



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