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Timber Bowl - Antique Indian Parat


A staple item in northern Indian households, parat bowls and plates like this were used to mix and knead dough to make chapati and roti breads. Indian women would gather with their parats and push the dough into the edges of the plate and leave it to rise atop the timber base. Each is entirely unique and tells the tales of unique families and the meals prepared and shared together. Use this beautiful piece in your home to curate a decorative display of clusters of candles, as a fruit bowl in your kitchen or as a catch all for your essential items.

  • All Vintage and are One of a kind
  • Teak
  • All Vary in Finishes
  • Origin: Rajasthan, India

Small Size Range:  35-40cmWide. 35-40cm Long. 6-7cm Deep

Medium Size Range:  37-45cm Wide. 40-55cm Long. 7-8cm Deep

Large Size Range:  50-60cm Wide. 55-65cm Long. 10-11cm Deep

Extra Large Size Range:  60-65cm Wide 65-70cm Long. 

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