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Vintage Tamegroute Serving Bowls


Authentic green ceramics from the Tamegroute region of Morocco, our range of pieces include small and large bowls.

These are genuine Antique and have age imperfections that enhance each pieces character.

Each piece has been hand made using traditional techniques displayed in the varying glazes and finishes. 

Approximate dimensions:

Small 15cm x6cm   

Medium 20cm x 9cmH

Large 29cm x 9cm

 Extra Large 33cm x 9cmH

Products are sold individually. Due to the uniqueness of our products, we cannot guarantee which item you will receive as products are selected at random for online orders. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide individual selection options.


MATERIAL: Glazed Pottery.  Due to the handmade nature, this pottery includes some small indelible holes, cracks and chips which are an effect of the crafting and glazing process and considered part of the artisan individuality of each pottery piece.

ORIGIN: Tamegroute Morocco

CARE: Hand wash. Not suitable for dishwasher

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