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Vintage Makenge Basket


These beautiful old baskets exude character and texture and are used in interior settings as wall art, singularly or grouped. Or on a coffee table or buffet as a focal piece.

History – Vintage Makenge baskets have been used to winnow grain and are often  passed down from members in a family. Vintage baskets  bear the test of time, with markings of  being too close to the open fires and repaired by local villagers, which adds to their interest.

The Weavers live in the Western province of Zambia, not far from the border with Angola. This is where the Mbunda speaking people weave these ruggedly unique baskets. Due to how strong and stiff they are, people often comment that they seem to be made of wood.‏

Each Basket is unique and imperfections are not considered faults, but add to their vintage charm and character


Large:  50-60cm Dia

Med:  30-45cm Dia

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