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Lockdown Made Me Do It


When life gives you lockdown, make quarantinis!
From the bestselling Made Me Do It cocktail book series comes Lockdown Made Me Do It – the perfect guide to making simple and delicious cocktails at home.

The 60 recipes in this beautiful hardback gift book can all be made with minimal ingredients from the most basic of drinks cabinets, and easily sourced in your weekly shop or herb window box.

Down to your last lemon, a soda water mini and the last dregs of tequila? Voila – a refreshing Pepe Collins!

Or stocked with only honey, gin and a bowl of citrus fruit – the delectable Bees Knees.

Bourbon and a haul of mint creates an excellent Mint Julep and ice, rosé and sugar and you’ve got a sunny-day Frosé!

Your kitchen is only ever one rum cocktail away from being a tiki bar. Your living room just needs a pair of Spritzes to turn it into an Italian trattoria. Your hallway can be an old-fashioned members’ club in London, full of whisky and gossip, while your bathroom makes a great stand-in for Miami – as long as you take a Mojito into the tub.

With the right drink, you can conjure up every chic city bar or rustic seaside shack you’ve ever dreamt of drinking in. And with the recipes in this book, you can enjoy a perfect night out while staying safely in. These are paired-down drinks made with a few select, easy-to-source ingredients and the kind of liquors inhabiting everyone’s drinks cabinet – as well as a few iconic cocktails to try, should you happen to have some seldom-used bitters or a long-lost vermouth collecting dust. You can get a bit technical with some of the cocktails, and add a few bartender twists, or keep it loose and simple. Make Gin Rickeys with vodka, Whisky Flips with brandy, and Margaritas with white rum. Now is the time for experimenting and having fun. And who knows? Maybe lockdown will help you invent a new cocktail classic.

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