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Glass beads


African recycled glass beads are made by members of the Krobo Tribe which is located in Ghana, Africa. These African beads are created by compressing recycled glass into a dry grain, and heating the grain so that the pieces form together. The recycled glass is crushed into a porcelain cast. The stem of a cassava leaf is used to make the hole. It is baked in a furnace causing the glass to melt together and cassava stem to burn. This technique has been used in Africa for centuries to make recycled glass beads.
African Recycled Glass Fair Trade Beads are the most exciting and inexpensive ornaments that you can ever have. These are simply perfect to wear. These days, in most part of the world it is evolving into the latest fashion trend and many homes in Africa are getting their bread and butter with the improvisation of African Recycled Glass Beads industry

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