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Binga Basket - Black


These flat baskets are hand woven by the Tonga people of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Traditionally used for winnowing grain they are made from natural grasses and fibre, using a simple weave and featuring a coiled rim. Use on the table as a platter or hang on the wall. These plain black baskets are always unique in pattern, you will receive these at random, each pattern is always traditional of Batonga style.

Each piece is handmade in the Batonga region in Zimbabwe with fair trade. 
Made from grass reads and Ilala palm, organically dyed
Handwoven by Batonga women

Please note: Each piece is completely handmade, with no two pieces identically the same. This means, you will relieve a artisanal piece different to the images. If you are very particular, you can always email or call the store, and ask us to send photos of what is available for you to choose from. 

Medium:    40-50cm Dia approx


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