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Mayla Towel - Hand Woven Linen


Our new Mayla Linen Bath  Towel is a bathroom revolution!

Lightweight and three times more absorbent than cotton, each piece is woven by our artisans using the ancient technique of hand looming.

The Mayla Linen Bath Towels handcrafted nature ensures each piece looks incredible and unique. 

The linen weight is 425 gsm. 

Please note the raw nature of this fabric means the towel will be less robust than its cotton counterparts. We recommend washing in a non ionic detergent.

Due to the softening process during manufacturing, our linen towels may produce some excess lint when they first arrive. This will no longer happen after a few washes, so we simply recommend washing and tumble drying them separately.

Once tried, you will never go back...

OEKO-TEX® and GOTS certified

Size: 150x100cm

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