Melissa Allen

I Have Focus Fragrance


Invigorate your senses with this earthy woody fragrance, I Have Focus is designed with natural essential oils to help combat distraction, general dullness and confusion/exhaustion and to help clear and invigorate the mind. 

It aims to help help relieve anxiety, stress and tension - and to encourage clarity, mental strength, calmness and focus helping with goal achieving. 

Essential oils such as rosemary, rosewood, mandarin, lemon, sage and bergamot can help with anxiety and nervous tension, energise, help improve clarity of thought and have an overall balancing and grounding effect.

A clever fragrance to wear as a perfume or cologne that smells great and also helps you focus on goal achieving.

Enjoy a mood boost that helps you reconnect with your true self in moments when you really need it...

Wear as a perfume or cologne.

* Application to skin may increase sensitivity to sunlight

* Made in Australia

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