Jute Mat Boucle Charcoal - Runner 50x140


Hand Spun Jute Boucle Weave Charcoal Tucked Ends Latex Backed.

Eco-Friendly Jute brings a magnificent, thick, natural texture to any space.
The Herringbone Weave shown here is handloom-woven, and brings a natural silver colour tone to the carpet. Woven entirely by hand on a traditional wooden loom, this jute rug is an outstanding example of a centuries-old rug-making process. Silvery  hand-spun jute yarns are meticulously sorted and chosen, then woven into a Boucle design.
The rug is finished with slightly uneven hand-bound edges that complement its rustic style. Inherent variations in shading are part of the design and will be unique to each rug.Woven from completely natural and organic materials, the Boucle Weave Jute Rug enhanced with pure natural latex backed and extremely durable and will offer many years of enjoyment.
Our rugs are artisan crafted in India and no two are alike. Given their handwoven nature, slight variations in shading and size are inherent to the design.
Weave-Handspun jute handloom weave

Colour-Charcoal Size: 140cmLong x 50cm Wide


Material-100% Natural Jute




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